Article ImageLet's Touch Base - Oh How We Hate Office Jargon!

How often are we told that 'business speak' or gobbledegook is damaging British industry? How many of your meetings are filled with "blue-sky thinking" and "low hanging fruit" when you’re having a "brain dump"?

There is nothing broadcasters hate more than jargon filled interviews.

You might wonder what the problem is . Surely, you think, jargon won't kill anyone. But In 2011 Lady Justice Hallett, the coroner in charge of the 7/7 inquests said that jargon could well have cost lives. She criticised emergency service bosses for using too much jargon. Homing in on "a conference demountable unit from a management centre" (a portable incident room) she said: "Management jargon is taking over organisations. People don’t understand what the other person is saying."

So we've compiled our Top 5 favourite sayings...

5.'Boil the Ocean' – apparently it means wasting time – although it sounds like the number of cups of tea that Lefevre Media get through in a day.

4. End Users – surely they can’t mean people!

3. Silos – local government is full of them – Don’t worry we've looked it up and the definition is "management systems where the focus is inward and information communication is vertical." As clear as......silage!

2. 'Strategic staircase' – Going up?

1. "Likeonomics" – we like it – we just don't quite know what it means!

So, that’s our top five. We're just off to 'get our ducks in a row' and still need to 'Outside lane' our new training programme. But first we'll have to 'Look under the bonnet'.

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