People only remember 10% of what you say... but they remember how you made them feel. People form an opinion of you in the first two seconds.

This is a presentation skills course for delegates who want to make sure that the first impression is the right one!

  • Make an impact
  • Body language and eye contact
  • Feel more confident
  • Deal with Nerves
  • Keep your audience interested
  • Telling a story
  • Death by Powerpoint

Look The Part

As we record you in action we look at how you present yourself in a wide range of business situations. Get to grips with the tricks professional Presenters use. Develop the skills to address a conference, such as making an entrance, ice breaking techniques, speech-making,and keeping them interested!

We analyse body language from the first greeting to the negotiating table. And, 'what not to wear', from the board room to dress-down days. Try out a different image!

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